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Bluetooth Mono music module

Qcom Bluetooth Mono music module is a Bluetooth® chip for low-cost mono headsets and car speakerphones. It is the latest 6th Generation CVC™ DSP algorithms, A2DP mono music streaming, mSBC wide band speech codec and support for low cost SPI serial Flash for large multi-language voice prompts. 6th Generation CVC™ comes with bi-directional noise reduction, ultra-low power wind noise reduction and an advanced speech intelligibility feature. An echo cancellation enhancement and non-linear echo cancellation feature for low-cost speakerphones and car-kits are supported.

- Fully qualified single-chip Bluetooth v3.0 system
- Single-chip mono headset solution with advanced echo and bi-directional noise cancellation
- Support for A2DP mono music streaming mSBC wide band speech codec
- Support for SPI serial flash to store large multi-language voice prompts
- Echo cancellation to support low cost car speakerphones