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Bluetooth audio stereo music module


Qcom Bluetooth audio stereo music module sets a new standard for wired or wireless stereo audio quality, which customers can use to more easily, quickly and cost effectively bring to market a range of highly differentiated home entertainment and wearable audio products.
- Bluetooth 4.0
- HFP1.6, A2DP1.2 and AVRCP1.4
- HD voice (wideband speech)
- SBC , aptX, MP3, AAC and Faststream decoder (MP3, AAC require extra licensing from individual licensing parties.)
- iOS battery status monitor
- Smart Apps support (GAIA)
- Support for “Charge and do”
- Multi-Language programmable audio prompts
- Simple speech recognition
- Configurable LED drivers
- 6th generation CVC
• 2-mic Far-end NR / AEC algorithms
• Frequency enhanced speech intelligibility (FESI)
• Near-end audio enhancements
• Ultra-low power WNR (200μA active; 10μA monitoring)

Model name: QBTM536