Automotive Electronics


Wireless Power

Qcom Wireless Power is a highly integrated single-chip WPC compliant wireless power transmitter for power transmitter module. In order to control the transferred power, it modulates the switching frequency of the half bridge inverter from 110 kHz to 205 kHz at a fixed 50% duty cycle specified by WPC specification. It contains logic circuits required to demodulate and decode WPC compliant message packets sent by the mobile device to adjust transferred power.

Qcom Wireless Power fully complies with WPC specification version also operates in proprietary mode where it employs additional proprietary functions such as advanced multi layered Foreign Object Detection (FOD), 2-way secure authentication between base and mobile, and modified control algorithm for higher efficiency. The device includes an over temperature/voltage/current protection and an advanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD) method to ensure safety of the base station and mobile device from over-heating in presence of a metallic foreign object. It manages fault conditions associated with power transfer and controls status LEDs to indicate operating modes.

Model name: LW100I