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Fingerprint Lock System

Qcom Fingerprint Lock System is a All_In_One Biometric solution includes FingerPrint sensor, CPU, Authentication/Matching algorithm and Flash memory. The rugged slide Fingerprint Sensor detects the true fingerprint (RF method) beneath the skin’s surface. 32-bit high performance microprocessor includes Authentication Engine accelerator, Software algorithm licensed from Sweden Precise Biometrics, secured Internal Flash memory for FingerPrint data. All at a low power consumption. It is a breakthrough Finger Print sensor Lock system – delivering the industry’s most
innovative security, and other unique features in the smallest solution for Door Lock /Luggage /Safety Box applications.


- Fast, 0.8 sec Authentication Time, 2 sec. Enroll time

- High Security, Fingerprint data stored inside CPU built-in Flash memory.

Guarded by hardware-based security system.

- Patented Spectral technology (Sweden Precise Biometrics) DFT

(Discrete Fourier Transform) Algorithms for Finger Print Authentication.

- Low Power Prolong Battery Life, Automatic Power Off, Touch to Wake !

- Easy To Use, Excellent User Experience (2 Buttons, 3 color LED for


- Finger Print Sensor array hidden inside fortified Aluminum Frame, better

withstand malicious damage. Also can be made water proof easily.

- Live layer imaging (RF Technology) provides the most accurate


- Ultra-hard wearing surface coating is scratch and impact resistant > 10

Million rubs w/o degradation. Scratch hardness 8H.

- Rugged surface, Fingerprint does not remain on the surface.

- IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 ESD Immunity (+/- 15KV)


Model name: LS310